What Is The HCG Diet?

Here is something nasty that sounds a lot like a snake oil remedy: People are injecting a hormone into their bodies that is found in the urine of pregnant women.  The reasons are of desperation and influence. Dr. Oz, a MD that was made popular by Oprah Winfrey, has made an astonishing claim that this hormone can help you lose weight. Its name?  HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin.


The idea behind this tasty hormone is that once injected or consumed, the drug will go to work. It’s main purpose is that of an appetite suppressant. It is supposed to curb those little craving you get throughout the day. Another interesting side effect is that the hormone will trigger the body to use fat as fuel. This is normally triggered during starvation but HCG seems to have a good handle on tricking your body. So not only does it make you feel satisfied for longer, but it also helps aid in fat depletion.

So what’s the rub? The HCG diet seems kosher enough, what’s so bad about a little pregnant lady urine hormone? The diet requires a person to restrict their calorie intake to 1500 calories or less per day. Many people limit their food consumption to 500 calories per day which is ridiculously low.  Even if you were off the HCG, you would lose weight because of the calorie deficit.
It is recommended that a person not lose more than 2-3 lbs per week. Granted, there are exceptions for obese and overweight people. But if you are average of weight, then this diet could cause more harm than good. The severe lack of nutrition could cause medical issues that could possibly be life threatening.

So just to be clear, the HCG doesn’t seem to have any radical effects to the body, it’s more of the diet regimine that can cause harm. Oh, and one last thing: the FDA has claimed that HCG does little, if nothing at all to aid in weight loss. Cheers.

Cleaning Your Carpet The Right Way

carpet cleaning napervilleWhen the time comes to get all that dirt and dust out of your carpet what do you think you will do? Most post will mess around themselves and try all sorts of vacuuming and chemical cleaning but at always ends in them making more of a mess than when they began. Don’t be one of those pelicans that goes out there and spends a heap of money on carpet cleaning products, then spends all weekend scrubbing and trying to remove spots only to find it look even worse when your done.

Another thing people do is go out there and hire a carpet steam cleaner but that still wont do the trick. You see, I learned this from a professional carpet cleaner in Naperville IL, these guys have special carpet cleaning equipment called hot water extraction systems that simultaneously pumps hot water into your carpet and sucks it back out. This means that your not actually just pumping chemicals and crap into your carpet, but actually removing these chemicals and water, and alone with it, the dirt that is embedded into your carpet. So you can imaging now that if whatever method your using to clean your carpet is just adding chemicals into your carpet but not removing them from your carpet then you are not really doing anything are you?

Even one your carpet dries off you still haven’t really removed the dirt and dust that lies deep inside your carpet, you have just managed to push it further and further down. All of this dirt and dust embedded deep down in the carpet will eventually ruin the fibers as they will become stale and fragile which means they are beyond repair.

So if you’re looking at your carpet right now and thinking about spending the weekend buying a heap of crap chemicals and attempting to clean it yourself, you should really stop and just hire a professional in to get the job done right for you.

Excess Sweating


Excess sweating is not cool and it can be super embarrassing. If you’re a big sweater ask yourself this…. Have I really tried hard to find a stop sweating solution?

Well have you? Being a big sweater is not something that cannot be cured. There are solutions out there but you have to dig deep and look for it. You can see below that even superstars have problems just like you, but they get out the and take action to solve their problem.

So if Halle Berry had a major sweating problem, and was able to solve it so can you right? Ofcourse you can, you just have to get out there and buy the right solution and apply it.

There are a heap of solutions out there to help you stop sweating. Here is a review site with some information on the leading stop sweating product on the market, Sweat Miracle.

Enjoy and TAKE ACTION!